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Impact Your World

V.E.S. enables individuals and organisations transition from passive members of society into key decision makers and influencers with the ability to engage with and positively impact their wider communities. 

Mission & Purpose




The average individual wants the best for their wider community and various charities and trusts are often at the forefront of tackling social ills, whether that's homelessness, family breakdown issues, gang culture, poverty etc. With the 2014 UK general elections looming, it was discovered that -

  1. These ills can be better addressed from positions of influence.​

  2. People needed to be aware of their ability to effect the changes they wanted to see, not just in government, but within various spheres of influence in society.


With that in mind, V.E.S. was established with the purpose of -

  • Enabling individuals and organisations be more knowledgeable about the UK’s political processes. 

  • Running workshops and seminars educating individuals on how they can engage more actively in political matters.

  • Empowering individuals to have a say and make changes in their community beyond the general elections.


Since 2014  VES has worked with various organisations around the UK, training over 600 individuals and more through its digital outreach programs. Find out more below or get in touch with us today to find out how we can support you.


Make Your Voice Heard

From the Vote on 'Brexit' to to America's election of President Trump, the power of the vote cannot be overemphasised. Reasons for not voting range from apathy to confusion and even being disenfranchised. Our job at VES however, is to provide unbiased guidance so you or your group are empowered to make the best choices for you.

Beyond voting in the General Elections, there are other opportunities to make your voice heard; whether thats in regional elections, for example Mayoral Elections or in engaging your local Councillors on issues that affect your community.


Get in touch to find out how to use your vote and make your voice heard.

Vote Elect Stand


Get behind what you believe in

No matter who you are, what you do or where you live, there are issues you are passionate about and are dedicated to. In an election, there might be a candidate whose values you believe in, and would like to see get elected. Your vote goes a long way in getting them elected but you could do a lot more to further their cause. Whether that's simply telling people what you believe in, being vocal on social media campaigns or getting involved with fundraisers, rallies, hustings or information evenings, there's a lot you can do to help.

To 'Elect' also means choosing to speak out and/or campaign for issues close to your heart. Whether it's on issues like homelessness or elderly loneliness in your community, or in governance, education and health, we can support you in getting behind what you believe in. Get in touch to find out how we can support you.

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Take up Leadership Positions

For people who'd love to do 'more', running for various leadership positions its not as daunting and inaccessible as it may appear. You're more than halfway there if you've got a passion for change and determination.


Not just limited to running for office in national and regional elections, to take a 'stand' means going that extra mile to take up various leadership positions within society. From Councillors to School governors and Magistrates, we at VES are committed to providing resources and support needed to help you create a better society.  Get in touch to find out how we can support you in taking a stand.

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V.E.S in the Media


Over the past few years, we have enabled over 600 individuals transition into key decision makers with the ability to engage with and positively impact their wider communities. Your generous support will continue to help us deliver these transformative services free of charge.

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