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Don't Just Commentate, Participate!

Integral to what we do at VES -Vote Elect Stand is to ensure that as many individuals as possible are knowledgeable about and thereby fully engaged with the UK 's political process. I attended an event organised by Christians in Politics an organisation aimed at equipping Christians in various political parties. A common myth is that Christianity and politics din't mix and nothing could be further from the truth.

Daniel in the Bible was a government official, and so was Nehemiah. Imagine if Queen Esther didn't get involved with the political situation of her day, there would have been a genocide of the Jews and there wouldn't be any celebration of Purim today.

Looking at more modern times, what sort of world would we live in if William Wilberforce (a Member of Parliament) hadn't campaigned for the abolition of slave trade or if Martin Luther King Jr had not fought tirelessly in the Civil Rights Movement.

Now more than ever, It's time for us to 'Show Up' and effect the changes we wish to see in our communities and nation. Here are highlights from the day, again the first person to spot the dashing gentleman in a burgundy sweater gets a cookie ;)

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